7 Best Sawhorse Workbenches | Portable Folding Workbenches

The workbenches are the base of your work. The best sawhorse workbenches are the one that are strong, sturdy, portable and efficient in working.

For Saw horse DIYrs we have reviewed here 7 best Saw horse Workbenches with detailed features, pros, cons & editors recommendations.  Let’s scroll ahead!

Either you be a carpenter, home mechanic, woodworker, DIY enthusiast, or looking forward to home improvement, the first thing you need is a sturdy, efficient, and organized platform to work.

7 Best Sawhorse Work Benches in 2020

Quick Features
Ediror’s Pick

KETER Jobmade Portable

  • Heavy-duty supports up to 1000lbs.
  • Leg stabilizer
  • Corrosion-resistant 
  • Includes holding clamps and tool organizer
  • portable
Best Budget Pick

Keter Folding Compact

  • Adjustable height
  • Includes holding clamps
  • Easily packed and transported
  • Holds up to 700lbs.
WORX WX066 Sidekick
  • Holds up to 300lbs.
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Can be linked to other tables
WEN WA600 600-Pound Capacity
  • Non-marring jaw clamps
  • Hold up to 600lbs
  • Foot paddle for extra 2200 lbs.force
  • Built-in carrying handle
WORX Pegasus Multi-Function
  • Lightweight and multifunctional
  • Includes 2 integrated clamps
  • Includes storage tray
  • Can be connected to other tables
X-Tra Hand 2-in-1
  • Easily folded and portable
  • Features a V-groove for pipes
  • Includes a storage tray
  • Holds up to 550lbs.
  • Adjustable height and jaw clamp for vertical clamping 
  • Comes with a 2-year guarantee

Prior to purchasing a sawhorse workbench, you should consider the estimated type of work you do. This will help you to choose the workbench suitably strong for your job. Dealing with big and heavy material will require a tough workbench.

The durability of your workbench should also be long enough as no one considers buying these things every couple of years or so.

So, tick out your requirement checklist and go for the best sawhorse workbench for yourself.
Some best sawhorse workbenches have been discussed here with their marked features.

Editor’s Recommendations; A Quick Pointer Best Choice Workbenches

If you are running out of time, and needed the best purchases, we recommend these editor’s picks for you.

The best purchase entirely depends on your needs. Here we placed some best and most efficient sawhorse workbenches together which provide for all the simple and advanced functions.
Our favorite ones are the

1.  The Best Premium Choice Sawhorse Workbench

KETER Job made Portable Work Bench and Miter Saw Table: it has a huge holding capacity with all the advanced features of sawhorse workbenches found in the market.

2. The Best High Quality, Affordable Multipurpose Saw Horse Workbench

Keter Folding Compact Adjustable Workbench Sawhorse Work Table: it is very easy to fold and transport workbench and also features adjustable clamping.

1- KETER Job made Portable Work Bench and Miter Saw Table (Highly Recommended)

Are you a DIY person or have a construction job? But always find yourself quite disorganized while working?

Well KETER understands you and introduces its job made portable workbench and miter saw table to let you work with ease and keep you organized. Best sawhorse workbench KETER Job made Portable Work Bench

KETER job made portable workbench is a carry along table for you to work anywhere. The standing dimensions are 38. 19 in. L x 25. 39 in. W x 31. 89 in. H and the folding dimensions are 34. 65 in L x 21. 81 in. W x 4. 41.

These convenient storage dimensions are perfect to store the table anywhere such as your garage rack or a closet. The sturdy handle makes it easy to carry along for work.

This workbench is made of sturdy resin with aluminum legs which can support heavy-duty projects up to450kg\1000 pounds.

Also, a weather-resistant polypropylene is used which prevents rusting, wearing off, and denting. Also, the workbench includes four clamps to keep any project of your firmly in place for easy and quick working.

The best part here is that there is a built-in, removable storage compartment for all your tools with proper organization. No more time wastage and groping for tools.


  • Built-in leg stabilizer to prevent movement.
  • Resourceful for a variety of projects including art and craft, DIYs, wood sawing, and commercial constructions.
  • Heavy-duty, anti-corrosion, and strong.
  • Includes holding clamps and tool organizer.


  • Projects with materials heavier than 1000lbs can not be supported such as heavier wood pieces.
The KETER job made portable workbench allows you to do your home or commercial projects without any hassle with all thing at hand and organized. Once finished with your work fold it in seconds and off it goes to storage.

2- Keter Folding Compact Adjustable Workbench Sawhorse Work Table

Construction workers and DIY lovers are always in search of an elaborate and strong work surface for perfection and ease. Keter folding adjustable workbench sawhorse work table serves the purpose all right. Best sawhorse workbench Keter Folding Compact Adjustable

Build with a sturdy and durable resin construction the workbench assure strength and is capable to hold up to 700pounds\315kg. The legs can be adjusted between 30.3″ H to 34.2″ providing you an extra 4 inches of height.

The table is easy to set up and the legs fold back inconveniently after work. Easy to store and carry along with a built-in handle. Now move your work around your house and garage or take it to a campsite or anywhere you want!

The product includes 2, 12 inches holding clamps to keep your object firmly in place. This allows you to saw wood precisely and easily.

Your woodwork is made facile with the Keter workbench. The regular stand-up dimensions are; 33.46 inches x 21.65 inches x 29.75 inches which can be adjusted to; 1: 33.46 inches x 21.65 inches x 31.75.

Keter Folding Compact Adjustable Workbench Pros & Cons


  • Sturdy resin construction.
  • Compact folding and portable.
  • The height is adjustable.
  • Includes 2 holding clamps.


  • Quite expensive.
You a passionate DIY self or a working constructor? The Keter workbench will assist you with all your projects and will prove loyal for a long time. So, carry it anywhere, set it up in minutes, and get to work!

3- WORX WX066 Sidekick Portable Work Table

The WORX WX066 sidekick portable work table is a lightweight yet strong enough table to support your day-to-day projects.

Whether you want a partner in your workshop or you need to carry your workaround, the WORX WX066 will be a nice choice.

Best sawhorse Workbenches WORX WX066

The table weight only 13lbs which makes it very easy to carry yet it is strong enough for tough work. It can hold up to 300lbs and your everyday projects can go on easily with the sidekick. The table is made of molded ABS while the legs are a sturdy steel build-up.

The table can be packed swiftly and left around until next time. The twist here is that the WORX has 2 link locks which can be connected to other models of the series to give you an extended workspace for large scale work!

The metal legs with crisscross design and the developed base won’t let it slip or sink into soft ground.

Which means it would work equally well in your garden. The product comes with 4 holding clamp dogs to keep your work in place work commodiously.

WORX WX066 Sidekick Portable Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight, easy to carry.
  • Crisscross legs to prevent slipping.
  • Side links can be attached to another table.
  • Includes 4 clamp dogs.


  • Not suitable for very heavy projects.
  • Metal legs may corrode.
The product is ideal for a workshop for multiple work management. Connect it to another sawhorse for perfect sawing and wrap it up in no time as you’re finished.

4- WEN WA600 600-Pound Capacity Portable Clamping Saw Horse Work Bench

The superpower WEN WA600 is the most opportune tool you can find for your woodwork. This portable and burly clamping sawhorse will be a useful addition to your workshop or your traveling job kit.

The sawhorse has non-marring jaw clamps that do not bite into your wood or leave marks in your work-piece.

Best Sawhorses Workbenches WEN WA600

The 8 by 3 inches jaw clamps can hold work pieces up to 40 inches in size. The sawhorse is constructed from strong and sturdy steel which allows you to hold 600 pounds of load easily.

Now the biggest of your wood works can be performed on this workbench.

The additional tip is the foot pedal which provides you an additional 2200 pounds of force without using your hands. And when combined with hand force you will be able to manage the toughest pieces to perfection!

The sawhorse workbench features a carrying handle for easy transport and folds down to 31 by 14.5 by 12.75 inches which makes storage relaxed. The total weight makes upto 51.9 pounds.

WEN WA600 Pros & Cons


  • Performs heavy-duty work.
  • Foot paddle for extra force.
  • Non-marring clamp jaws.
  • Fold-able and portable


  • The steel frame may rust out in open weather.
If you are often working with wood at home or you a professional construction worker than the WEN portable sawhorse will be a good companion for sawing wood anywhere you need it.

5- WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and SawhorseWX051(Highly Recommended)

Whether you are an official contractor or a DIYer you are going do love the WORX multi functional worktable and sawhorse WX051.

Best Sawhorse Workbenches WORX Pegasus

This a multi functional item that can easily be transformed from a worktable to sawhorse and back. It can hold up to 300pounds as a worktable and up to 1000 pounds as a sawhorse.

Although the WORX Pegasus has a huge holding capacity, but itself weighs just 25lbs with a trouble-free folding system to wrap it up in seconds and store it anywhere.

The construction material of the Pegasus has molded ABS along with steel supports and fittings. This will certify durability and strength.

The Pegasus features 2integrated quick clamps for both worktable and sawhorse which can hold round even odd-shaped objects.

Now everything you need for a project is here! The Pegasus has a full bottom storage shelf for all your work tools and you can even fix your electric extension to the shelf for your electric gadgets.

In addition to all these wonderful features, another click is that you can connect multiple Pegasus to create a work platform or other tables from the WORX series that can also be connected as per your needs.

WORX Pegasus Pros & Cons


  • Multi functional sturdy worktable.
  • Includes a built-in storage tray.
  • Clamps for holding work in place.
  • Can connect to other WORX tables.


  • Metal parts may eventually rust out.
The WORX Pegasus will create a fresh work sensation for DIYers and will be a perfect workmate for professionals. It will answer all your needs.

6- X-Tra Hand 2-in-1 Workbench/Platform

Ready to kick off some serious construction work? Looking for a platform to lay the roots? Well, the two in one X-Tra Hand workbench\platform might be the one to serve your needs. It features a two-sided work surface for multiple tasks.

X-Tra Hand 2-in-1 Best Sawhorses WorkBenches

The platform mode features a high-impact polypropylene trim for a variety of activities. While, the workbench surface is an extra-large 51.02in x 23.42in, square-framed wood.

The wood surface has an imprinted ruler and protractor for layout works. It also has a drill through clearance and a groove to hold and cut pipes. Now do your numerous jobs at one surface conveniently.

The workbench comes with a resourceful utility tray to hold all your tools and items orderly while you are working.

Also, the workbench can be compactly folded to a perfect rectangle with a built-in sturdy handle to carry it from job to job or around the house!

There is an integrated power strip for plug-in convenience and electrical jobs. The full stand up height is up to 31.6 inches.

X-Tra Hand 2-in 1 Pros & Cons


  • Multi-functional.
  • Features a V-groove for pipes.
  • Includes a storage tray.
  • Easy to pack and transport.


  • The wood surface may not be very durable.
The X-Tra Hand workbench can be very useful for you if you have a lot to do with measurements and gadgets. Professional constructors will find the workbench resourceful.

7- BLACK+DECKER Workmate Portable Workbench (WM425)

The Black& Decker Workmate WM425 is a 2in1 workbench and a bench tool stand. It can be adjusted as per convenience for different projects.

It can hold up to 550 lbs. and can easily be folded and stored anywhere in your garage or workshop.

Best Sawhorses Workbenches BLACK+DECKER Workmate

The build-up is a heavyweight steel design capable to bear about 550 pounds of load. The standard measurements are 29.9 by 8.9 by 29.5 inches.

The workbench features a one-handed clamp system for independent jaw adjustment. It allows the clamps to be adjusted together as well as separately.

Also, the 4 swivel pegs help to clamp a variety of objects with odd shapes and different sizes.

The workmate portable workbench also features adjustable jaws for vertical clamping. Now any object any size or shape can be easily managed here. The dual height adjustment can be done according to your project dimensions.



  • Dual height adjustment.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame.
  • Versatile jaw clamps adjustment.
  • Comes with a 2-year guarantee.


  • Does not include a carrying handle.
The Black & Decker portable workbench will prove handy for carpenters and home mechanics. With its versatile height and clamping adjustment, almost any type of project can be handled conveniently on this workbench.

Best Sawhorse Workbenches; Buyers Guide & Practical Recommendations

Typically, sawhorses are used only for cutting wood but the ever-developing designs have modified them to perform a vast variety of functions. Many sawhorses in the market are multi-tasking, they easily transform into a workbench with elaborate features. Here, we have put together some best sawhorse workbenches which will help you decide the best sawhorse workbench for yourself.

Points to Consider before Buying the best Sawhorse Workbench

You must understand the typical nature, type, duration of your work before having the right base for your work before you. Here are few additional tips, that you need look at before buying the best work bench in 2020.

1. Weight Capacity

Dealing with big and heavy material will require a tough workbench. If you are often working on mighty projects then you should go for the workbench which holds a good enough weight.

The KETER Job made Portable Work Bench and Miter Saw Table is highly recommended in this category.

2. Durability

The durability of your workbench should also be long enough as no one considers buying these things every couple of years or so.

Consider buying a hard-wearing and rust-resistant workbench to accompany you for a long time.

3. Bench Surface

Different workbenches have different materials for a surface; metal, wood, or plywood. Now you can opt for the material you desire.

But some fancy features are added today to tabletops such as organizers and imprinted scales etc. If you feel like your work needs these then go for it or rather you can choose a simpler worktable and save money.

4. Storage & Portability

If you regularly need to carry your work from place to place especially for professional contractors, then check for the workbench with satisfactory weight and folding for easy transport.

Also, many workbenches come with compact folding and carrying handle to assist transport. Keter Folding Compact Adjustable Workbench Sawhorse Work Table is a good option in this case.

End Notes; Best Sawhorses Workbenches

A strong, durable, and organized work platform can speed up your projects and enable you to work with less pain and effort. Purchasing a portable sawhorse workbench will facilitate you from job to job.

And having a built-in organizer is much of a blessing. Forget the pain of losing tools in between your project!

Hopefully, this article helped you choose the best sawhorse workbench for yourself.

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